Our Ancestry Collection of custom pillows was born through a marriage of Candace's favourite things: a love of pattern, high-quality textiles, and last, but certainly not least, family. Each pattern and colour represents cherished family members both present and past. The nature-inspired palette was curated to be mixed and matched together to achieve a harmonious look and feel, sure to compliment any interior.

We've added some of our favourite combinations for inspiration; each bundle creating a different look and feel.

cool and calm

The Bernadette, Matilda, and Easton custom pillows combined create a moody oasis in blues and greens.

warm and neutral

We've paired the Penelope and Oscar custom pillows with the Dinah pillow to create a look that can only be described as relaxed and cozy.

serene and green

The Oliver, Mae, and Harriet custom pillows combined create a soft and layered palette in shades of green and cream, with a playful accent of brown and blue.