Homeful is a brick-and-mortar shoppe of artfully curated objects for the home by Candace Plotz Design. 

It’s a tangible embodiment of our signature style, but even more so, of our philosophy about home.

While we spend our days dedicated to creating spaces that are distinctly beautiful, we understand that home transcends aesthetics and that beauty holds space for countless definitions. 

For us, great design is about collecting a home full of pieces you love—that spark memories, meaning, and joy. It's found in a home full of life—comfortable enough for both the demands of daily living and gathering with loved ones. It's a home full of details that resonate with who you are and how you live.

Our mission through our design work and storefront is to enhance the routines and rituals that your life is composed of. 

We pride ourselves in our ability to infuse inspiration, interest, and personal identity in every vignette. It’s a celebration of your authentic life—it’s your everyday, elevated. 


188 Raglan Street South
Renfrew ON K7V 1R1